5 A Side Human Table Football & Bingo Machines For Sale  in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Northamptonshire.

  20ft x 40ft 5 A Side Human Table Football For Sale


  • Suitable for children & adults

  • for up to 10 players

  • Ideal for team building, fetes & parties

  • includes body harnesses, and a football

  • Area Required: W 30ft L 50ft H 12ft

  • includes inflatable pitch, ropes, harnesses, football and carry bag.

  • Requires 1.5 HP blower (Not Included)




 Bingola Supreme Machine For Sale

  • Easy and simple to use – suitable for all ages, silent operation

  • Lightweight and easy to carry

  • Modern design and well manufactured

  • Adjustable to any length of game and to Jackpot / Snowball number.

  • Jackpot / Snowball audio and visual indiactors

  • Caller controls timing of audience display allowing the caller to announce the call before displaying the number to the audience on release of the SELECT / DRAW button

  • Long life SELECT / DRAW, BOARD CLEAR and RECALL control buttons

  • NUMBER OVERDRAW facility to push back the last number selected


(includes lots bingo books and marker pens)

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